Current Available Position: Fire Specialist (Paid Driver)

Job Description:
The position of Fire Specialist is a part time employment opportunity in which
those holding said position are compensated for their acquired skill sets and
labor, as set forth in this document. A qualified candidate for this position would
be that of a “renaissance man”. This has nothing to do with gender identity,
rather a candidate that can function in all aspects of the department's mission.
Starting Hourly Rate: $17.00

Duties and Responsibilities:
❖ Responds to emergency and non-emergency dispatches received by the department
❖ Safely drives all department vehicles/apparatus
❖ Safely, effectively and efficiently operates all fixed and portable equipment; including
pumps and ladders
❖ Mitigates situations in accordance with departmental standard operating guidelines.
❖ Functions as member of a team, but able to work independently; able to easily adapt to
a situation
❖ Assumes command/control of an incident in the absence of an officer of the department
❖ Utilizes appropriate personal protective equipment for any perceived/actual hazards
❖ Directs and/or participates in community risk reduction and fire prevention activities
❖ Performs data entry of incidents and training as directed by the Fire Chief
❖ Maintains cleanliness of apparatus bays/maintenance rooms, offices, common areas,
bathrooms, and exteriors of the building/grounds
❖ Maintains departmental apparatus and equipment to ensure readiness/cleanliness
❖ Assists in the training of firefighters and drivers as requested by the Fire Chief
❖ Wears appropriate uniforms as approved by the Fire Chief
❖ Maintains training/certification levels of those required for employment
❖ Completes other assigned tasks from the Fire Chief or his/her designee
❖ Ability to work in varying environments or heat/cold, inclement weather, toxicities,
visibilities, ect

Professional Requirements:
❖ NBFSPQ Firefighter II Certification
❖ NBFSPQ Driver/Operator - Pumper (preferred) or Pumps I and II
❖ NBFSPQ Driver/Operator - Aerial (preferred) or Aerial Apparatus Practices
❖ Current Pa DOH - Emergency Medical Responder
❖ Current CPR/AED for the healthcare provider
❖ Vehicle Rescue Technician
❖ Hazardous Materials Operations w/ current annual refresher
❖ NIMS IS 100, 200, 700, 800
❖ Current Class C driver's license
❖ Ability to meet the departments “Red Shield” firefighter status
❖ Ability to provide Pa Act 15 clearances
❖ 5 years of fire service experience
* equivalent and greater certificates/qualification accepted
** employee will be responsible for maintaining applicable training requirements

Physical Requirements:
❖ Ability to pass a pre-employment physical
❖ Ability to lift 100 lbs unassisted / 200 lbs assisted
❖ Must be able to lift, push, pull, drag, climb ladders, sit, bend, twist, crawl, and kneel
* proof from other employers can be accepted by the Fire Chief

Work Hours:
❖ 0700-1700 hours; Monday thru Friday
❖ As requested/authorized by the Fire Chief
❖ Potential expansion in the unforeseen future
❖ Will consist of the following:
➢ Department polo shirt (2 provided by the department)
➢ Black uniform pants or shorts
➢ Closed toe black boot/shoe
➢ Black belt
❖ $150 uniform allowance per employee annually to purchase uniform items not provided
by the department
Chain of Command:
❖ A committee will be formed consisting of the three fire chiefs, with the Fire Chief as the
chair, for the oversight of the paid drivers.
❖ The employee will answer directly to the Fire Chief on matters of employment to include
but not limited to:
➢ Payroll
➢ Scheduling
➢ Conflicts
➢ Assigned Duties
❖ In absence of the Fire Chief, direction with these matters may come from the Deputy
Chief and Assistant Chief respectively
❖ The paid driver will take direction from the line officers on incidents, trainings, and in
regards to other operational matters in line with that offices responsibilities
❖ In absence of a line officer, the paid driver will be the OIC for the incident in regards to

❖ The employee will be responsible for submitting available dates by the 15th of the
previous month. These dates will be submitted to the Fire Chief. A schedule will be
formulated and posted by the 25th of the previous month.





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